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BiKN Smart Case + Tags
  • Made-for-iPhone-certified
  • Functions as a wireless technology gateway
  • Interfaces with WiFi, cellular & Bluetooth easily gathering 802.15.4 data
  • Measures distances accurately regardless of signal strength (NXP Time of Flight Technology)
  • Supports ZigBee, RF4CE and proprietary 802.15.4 protocols
  • Supports industry standard software stacks— ZigBee PRO SE (Smart Energy, HA (Home Automation), Medical Profile and RF4CE
  • Includes embedded 32-bit NXP JN5148 microcontroller - 128 KB of RAM and 4 MB of flash memory
  • Powered by independent, rechargable lithium polymer batteries
  • 300mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery allows the case to collect data while the phone is asleep or off; does not affect iPhone battery life
  • Simultaneous syncs & charges case + iPhone through micro-USB port
  • Piezo alarm sounds even if the iPhone is off or dead