Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Treehouse Labs is an innovative IP and new product development company using a highly integrated approach to delivering seamless, low-power wireless networks.

Our proprietary BiKN Technology Platform integrates hardware and software, operates through mobile devices and delivers a proprietary advantage through standard networking technologies. Our hardware, software, and cloud-based components leverage 802.15.4 networking standards enabling you to build sensor and remote control networks and applications that support ZigBee®, RF4CE, and 6LoWPAN protocols.

Give us a call to talk about how our BiKN Technology Platform can help you get to market faster with a killer application at a fraction of the development cost.

BiKN for iPhone
The first consumer product based on the platform, BiKN for iPhone, uses a smart case, the myBiKN app and small, clip-on tags to help consumers find the things they tagged from their phone or page their phone from one of the tags. BiKN for iPhone works whether the phone is on, off or out of battery. Approved by Apple as Made-for-iPhone certified, BiKN for iPhone is a CES 2012 Design Innovation and Engineering Award Honoree.